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Saturday, July 14th 2012

5:11 PM

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Related article: Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 10:22:45 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time) From: Forrest TrapHagan Subject: Bowling Alley PaisansStory by largoloubearIt was a cool April evening. In my late teens and just ready to graduate high school, I had already made up my mind that I naked preteen lotias would be spending my life providing sexual pleasure to men rather than screwing women and having kids. I was drawn to older, mature men since I was just about seven years old. I had this strange fascination about watching men urinate.This fascination became a pure obsession, gravitating to men's rooms in restaurants, service stations, parks and specially the nearby bowling alley. During preteen interracial xxx the evening a couple times a week, the alley was filled with league bowlers who were mostly blue collar studs. I love the beer bellies. These men belched and farted with gusto and had no shame. The bowling alley was big enough that I could enter, had roam around mostly unnoticed. The guy at the front desk handing out the bowling bbs preteen porn shoes was basically trying to make contact with every pare of tits that entered the place, so he never really noticed me.This night would be the start of something that would last with me until today.Although preteen underage bbs I was nearly legal age and was gay, I had no experience with men up to that point. I just used to head to the men's room anytime a man who interested me went fresh sexy preteens before me, and if I got a chance, I could watch him piss. The urinals in the alley were those long floor length types with no wall between them. It was typical for anyone who has had a few beers to stand a bit further away from the urinal and I could get quite a show. I was really into watching uncut men piss. The way they held their cock, some would skin it back, others would let is splash through the hose, others would just let it hang and drain.This particular night I was watching a team called the "Sonny's Bar & Grille". This team was made up of five mature Italian men ranging from their late thirties to the sixties. They were loud, crude and quite preteen string photos rough sounding. I knew these men all had wives, children and some with grandchildren.I would sometimes sit for a few minutes close enough to listen to some of them talking about sex with their wives. I used to hear that many of the wives bbs preteen porn never gave head, many wouldn't even touch their cocks, while some of the others would talk openly about their big cocks and how they made their wives submit to their sexual needs. I was secretly attracted to all preteens blogs of them but the two oldest I used to have fantasies about, but I was terrified to act on them. They wore kelly green and red shirts, all had their names embroidered on bbs preteen porn the pockets in the front. The pockets usually filled with cigarette packs or cigars. There was Pete, the youngest, a big, tall, husky dark haired loud mouth probably late thirties. Then Tony, a thinner, wiry hair dude, always wore too much cologne, but his trousers always gave way to show an impressive piece of meat nestled against his right leg, in his forties. Next was Robbie, Tony's brother. Similar in every way to his brother, but older, and a little pudgier, and always seemes to be grabbing his crotch all the time and that really turned me on and I would say he was approaching fifty. Then there was Sam, my favorite, very tall, very large, dark hair spilling out of every place he had clothing covered. Shirt always open to reveal an expensive gold crucifix and a thicket of dense Italian curls. His hefty belly was barely contained. His crotch revealed an ample set of jewels that I really wanted to explore. He was quite, but drank beer with gusto. He smelled like cheap cologne, but he was a sexy bastard,,,was in his fifties also. Then there was Sonny...the senior of the group. The most menacing, mean, loud mouth, big, burly and rough. Where there was dark hair on Sam, the hair on Sonny was grey mixed with white. He oozed sexual electricity even at his age. Out of all of the men, Sonny, I think noticed my loitering around the team. I wanted so bad to be cradled in Sonny's arms and be held against his large hairy chest. He smoked cigars and ate like crazy to feed that massive belly that I secretly adored. Sonny was also owner and proprietor of the sponsor of his team. Enough intro.I was in my third or fourth week of making short appearances at the bowling alley, after I got to watch a couple of studs pee, I would wax my carrot, shoot a watery load onto the rubber urinal pad, zip up and leave.Upon entering the alley this night, I bought a soda from the vending machine and I saw Sonny heading to the men's room in quite a hurry. Throwing caution to the wind, I waited about a minute and followed. I was shaking with anticipation. Entering through the second door, I noticed all the urinals were empty and I immediately came down from my high. Only the first toilet stall was occupied and I could see Sonny's big feet as he sat on the thrown.I heard him grunting, groaning, farting and making preteens blogs one hell of a racket. A couple of men entered the men's room and I tried to pretend I was pissing.The two who entered, pissed quickly and left...they preteen model toon were two younger men that I had no interest in. I walked to the sink and I heard Sonny get up, his belt buckle clanged on the floor. He belched, got himself together and came out of the stall. He did notice me standing there, nodded a greeting, washed his hands and left the room. dolls preteen nude It was at that time fresh sexy preteens I noticed he did not flush the toilet behind him. Repulsed by the idea that what those grunts produced was still sitting in that bowl, I was drawn by pure curiosity to see what he left. I was not, by any means into scat play...not at all.Upon walking closer to the stall, the fetid air told me he left a very fragrant package. Standing over the bowl I witnessed the dark amber toilet water and nymphet preteen porn a large knotted chunk of Italian ass fudge floating in it and a wad of wilting tissue. Gagging over the stench, I flushed the toilet and left.I sat close enough to see the team and the men's room door hoping that one night I would hit the jackpot.I was getting discouraged when I saw Sam get up and say he had to "drain the lizard". My heart dropped and I waited. He opened the men's room door and entered...I followed. Upon clearing through the second door, Sam was standing at the first urinal, amateur model preteen fat uncut dick in his hand, and pissing away. I nearly tripped on a piece of missing tile on the floor walking to join him at the urinal. He noticed preteen video newsgroup my clumsiness and watched as I preteen girl naturist took a stance a safe two urinals away. I was so fascinated by his long foreskin that I found myself staring at it.He let the hang go and lit a cigarette and then I noticed that he caught me staring. My excitement turned to fear immediately."Ya know kid, it is not wise of ya to be staring at a guy's pecker like that Most guys would knock on you ass and ask questions later", he warned.I said that I was sorry and apologized.He smiled and said, "If I didn't know better I would be convinced that you want a closer look, and if I had more time I would give ya one. Hell, I got a wife who gives lousy head, so when I see someone who looks interested in my cock, I normally let 'em have it. Do ya want it kid?"I reluctantly nodded a yes and still pissing, he moved to the urinal next to me, grabbed my hand and told me to hold it as he didn't want to get his hands wet.I held it tits preteen like I would hold my own and I then noticed that his thick foreskin was wet and slippery. Little did I know I was slightly jacking him as he pissed. He told me to stop jacking and hold it. I was so nervous, I soaked my hand in his hefty stream.He then preteen incest story told me that he and Sonny had noticed me hanging out at the alley and Sonny was convinced that I was a fag. I again was gripped with fear, but excitement at the same time.The stream ebbed to a halt."So, ya wanna munch on this thing sometime tonight", he inquired with a sneer. Awestruck, I nodded again without a word and approved.He laughed a second and added, "If ya wanna taste this thing, ya gotta do something for me...I wanna see ya lick all of my piss off your hand first. This will let me know if you are really serious".My hand and lower jacket sleeve was quite damp. I raised my hand to my mouth. The strange nutty aroma of his piss came into focus and I slowly stuck my tongue out. Well, I was going to taste piss for the first time. Well, I gotta tell ya, it was beer piss and had no taste whatsoever...He told me to wait until the end of the third game and he would let me have my "sausage dessert" as he called it with a throaty laugh."Follow me, boy or what shall I call you?". "Lou", I said, "Lou"."Do you know how to keep score, Louie m'boy", he inquired. ( this was before electronic score keeping ). I told him I did and waited for my next instructions.I followed his big frame out to the area where his team was playing. Sam introduced me to the team, "Gang this is Louie, he wants to be our official score keeper, so, Pete, get the hell out of that chair and let my buddy take over."For the next agonizing hour and a half, I took score seeing a few dozen hot looking studs going into the can, but I stayed put. During this last game I saw Sam talking to Sonny where I could not hear them. The spoke, laughed and spoke some more. I turned to pick up my soda can and then I noticed Sam talking again to Sonny. Sonny then reached down without a thought and squeezed a thick bulging mound in his loose fitting pants. It was then I knew he was giving Sonny the low down. The smiles on both of their faces would have sent Mother Teresa to hell.Sitting at the scoring desk, my own cock was pointing due north and I was getting anxious.The last frame, Sam preteen string photos came over, grabbed my shoulders with his meaty hands and squeezed them like he was kneading bread."Nice job, Louie, Sonny and I want to treat ya to something to eat after the game is over, hungry and thirst?"I wasn't really sure if it was going to be food or their appetizing crotches so I said I would love to.Sonny came over to the table and handed my a twenty dollar bill and fresh sexy preteens asked if I wanted to be their weekly score keeper. As he was talking to me he was rubbing his cock against the edge of the table and preteen anal pictures had his hand on my shoulder. The other three guys thanked me after the final frame and the guys were removing their bowling shoes and getting ready to leave.Sonny asked where I lived. Afraid to give him an address I just told him within walking distance". He seemed ok with the response.Like someone under a trance I followed the group into the parking lot. Sam got into a white Eldorado and Sonny had a big Ford pickup."C'mon Lou, wanna come to our restaurant for a one of our famous sausage sandwiches" he said with a sinister laugh. "I'll drive and bring ya back here afterwards."Not even answering his question, I hopped into this pickup. It reeked of cigar smoke and I swear that there was a cup of piss in the cup holder between the seats.We got on the road and Sonny broke the ice, "Well kid, do you have the slightest idea what you are getting yourself into?...Sammy told me what ya did for him japan preteen forum in that shit house and I gotta tell ya, you are gonna be a busy little cocksukcer preteen model contest tonight...and you better never say a word or you will be spending a night in a dumpster awaiting pickup, ya hear?"...I thought of the consequences and had no problems with his demands and I told him I could not wait to see his cock.He slapped me and said, "You should be interested in women, but now I don't have to make my wife suck me, if you are good, you will be my permanent suck boy".We arrived at the back of the eatery and I saw a dumpster...I was determined not to end up in it!Sammy arrived minutes later and got out of his car and unlocked the door. I was walking between both of them so I would not escape and we were in a small office with a futon bed, large sofa, desk, safe and lots of food supplies.Sammy did not waste any time...in a flash his fly was open, dick out and he was rubbing the juicy prepuce on my lips. A few drops of piss still lingered there from his last piss. I sat in the desk chair and held on/I opened my mouth and preteen kiddy pussy let this spongy full flavored cock in. I was not experienced in the art of fellatio, so I was given very harsh instructions.. do not bite me, I only wanna feel lips tongue and throat. I was also told that his cock head was extremely sensitive and I was not to try to tongue it While I was getting used to the rhythm of sucking his seven incher, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Sonny stripping off all his clothes. My excitement went through the roof after I saw his fat Italian salami...dark colored, long generous foreskin, his balls hung down low and his body was covered with grey/black fur.Sammy was still steering my head up and down his member. His fur covered paw was getting impatient."Your mouth is like a velvet oven, damn I don't wanna cum but I can't help it, I hope ya like cum, preteen interracial xxx Louie, you are gonna get a belly full", he yelled.Sonny walked over, used his hand to push all seven inches of Sammy's beauty into my mouth. Sam's underbelly twitched, I saw his balls rise up and my mouth was suddenly attacked by several strong shots of baby bullets. Thick, mild tasting and abundant was his seed."You better preteen underage bbs not spit that out kid or I'll knock ya out...swallow it...and wait a few second before you let my cock out of your sweet mouth", he ordered.His load felt like a warm oyster in my belly, I was told to release him and he dragged himself to the futon and flopped on it."Was it good, Sammy?" Sonny asked."When was the last time you saw me nut in ten minutes, his mouth is like a warm wet vacuum cleaner, and I don't believe for a second that this is the first suck job this kid ever gave", Sam said out of breath, still in the realm of his orgasm.Sonny then waddled over to the large sofa with a recliner on the end. He draped a towel over the seat, sat on it, spread his legs."Hey kid, grab me a beer and come back and get on your knees", he said with almost anger in his voice.The little fridge was behind his desk. I grabbed a beer for him and one for Sammy and me too. I got within six feet of that magnificent man and I was told to remove all of my clothes. Doing so, I handed Sam his beer and after shedding my underwear, I walked to Sonny and handed him his."Why did you get three, you are not 21 amateur model preteen yet, you can't have beer, give that to me", Sonny snarled. "Now get over here and kneel between these tired, sweaty Italian legs", he added.I complied as Sonny took the ice cold can and pressed russian preteen vanessa it nymphet preteen porn against his hefty set of tanks. I looked up at him as if he were sitting on a thrown and I was his loyal subject..His hair covered hand grabbed a handful of balls, his other grabbed my head and joined his fat nuts with my open mouth and rough tongue. I tried feverishly to suck the testicle into my mouth. My head was then pulled to the preteen nonnude bbs closest part of his crotch and held there for it seemed like hours. I got a full dose of the aroma of ball sweat, faint odor of piss, ghosts of farts and a slight stench of the prize turd he left at the bowling alley."Sniff it in boy, get used to it you will be breathing this in a lot from now on", and he added that with a loud and satisfying laugh.After his balls and the line between his nuts and his fragrant ass crack was wet with my spit, I was introduced to an angry red cock head that emerged from a wet foreskin. "Mine isn't sensative, preteens blogs so bite it, chew it, and show me what you learned", Sonny demanded.I licked, sucked, nibbled,caressed, tongued and lapped on his meat as if it were a hot popsicle. Sonny was loving every second of my oral attention. One thing was for sure, he wasn't a quick cummer like Sam was.It seemed the longer I sucked, the more new techniques I was mastering...and I knew I was giving him pleasure as his cock was leaking like a hole in a dike. He gently placed his hand on my head and started slowly and sensuously grinding his groin into my face. I was frequently looking up at his face on the outstoke and saw a man in a passionate state, eyed closed, mouth open in a slight contented smile and a determined expression.One thing was for sure, I was definitely going to get this man's load. With one large gasp of breath he held my head still and sent eight to ten short splats of sperm onto my tonsils, throat and mouth. I had to swallow because of the volume. I gotta say, his sperm was thicker than Sams, tastier better than Sams and much hotter.After about a minute, I tried to release his cock from my mouth. "I ain't done with you yet cocksucker, my pointy dick is staying right where it is until I'm finished and my foreskin is completely back where it boy erotica preteen belongs", Sonny instructed in a stern voice.Sammy said, "I really wanted to get a feel of this kid's asshole, but I am so drained I might have to take a raincheck". Sonny laughed and agreed with my mouth still filled with his softening cock.With another hearty chuckle, Sonny said to me and Sam, "Well I think you earned your beer now, kid, but since you are too old to have the real stuff, I'm gonna give ya some that is filtered and pasteurized". Both of them laughed loudly as Sonny than had my head in a death grip and started pissing in my mouth. The nearly tasteless liquid was quickly filling my mouth, I had tears in my eye and Sonny said, "You are doing well the first time.. after Sam told me you licked piss off of your hand I knew I had to have you sample mine, take it and swallow it back, Louie, gulp it down". His stream took a while to dwindle to a trickle. A pointed wet cock snout was pulled out of my mouth and a lazy drop of piss flavored semen was hanging on the end, which was squeezed onto my outstretched tongue and the episode was over I was driven back to the alley and I walked home a new person, and no longer a virgin.This was the first of several episodes with them until I graduated and went to college that took me far from that bowling alley. Sonny's Bar and Grille burned to the ground in the early eighties and I lost contact with those salami toting studs.This was a true story!
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